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Testimonials from clients

Hetti and Jacob  - Newbury


"We just wanted to say a massive thank you Kathy.

We really couldn't have done this without you!"

Email 21/02/24

Natalie, Thatcham
"I found Kathy after battling and supressing some pretty big issues for decades. I had had counselling before, but only ever seemed to manage a temporary fix. Kathy has been amazing in helping me unpick through a lot of stuff and get to heart of what really is at the bottom of it. I have turned a corner and see things completely differently now. Without partnering with Kathy, and without her empathy and guidance in navigating me to a better place, I could not have achieved what I have. I am stronger and happier than I have been in a very long time, and it defintely feels like a sea change in terms of my life. Thank you seems such a paltry response, but I mean it sincerely. You have made a huge difference in my life.."

Google Review 29/02/24

Katherine, Salisbury

"I worked with Kathy for just under a year and during that time I started to feel much better about my life and how I viewed myself.

Thank you Kathy for all your help I now feel like I have found the 'old me', which is something I didn't think possible."

Email 09/04/24

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