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Testimonials from clients

D & K, Winchester


"My wife & I had seen a few counsellors prior to Kathy to no great avail. Kathy's experience, approach and personal demeanour was second to none and enabled fantastic improvement that has made immeasurable progress to our relationship. We really connected, felt comfortable and I always looked forward to our sessions due to the positive environment and progress that was made during them. I would highly recommend Kathy to anyone. Thank you so much Kathy." 24/01/23

K & D, Winchester
"Kathy guided my husband and I through a very tricky time in our marriage. We had hit a junction in our lives and marriage, and we didn't know what to do or who to turn to. Kathy came highly recommended and within moments of connecting with her, I felt reassured. She managed to untangled the insurmountable mess we had found ourselves in and helped us to find compassion and deep love for ourselves and one another again. It has been the most extraordinary journey in fact, and so much of our coming together has been down to Kathy's very compassionate, but honest approach. We have walked away with skills and tools that will stay with us and our children for a lifetime . Kathy - thank you, we couldn't have done this without you." 25/01/23

Hannah T, Newbury

Our sessions with Kathy have helped our relationship and we’ve both seen a positive change since speaking with Kathy. We have learnt how to navigate relationship hurdles and unavoidable situations. We’re very grateful for Kathy’s professionalism, care and support." 27/05/23

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