Testimonials from clients

E & L, Newbury

"Kathy was integral in helping my husband and I transform our relationship from one on the brink of divorce, to one of love patience and understanding.  Our communication had totally broken down and we found ourselves in a depressing, unhealthy and exhausting argumentative loop without an exit. Kathy gave us a safe space to talk and listen together and guided us to hear each other in a more compassionate rather than defensive way. She gave us tools to work through our triggers, exercises to get us communicating properly and helped us to reconcile past grievances, draw a line and look forward positively together. We can't recommend Kathy highly enough. She is professional, bright, intuitive, strong, fair, quick, understanding, reassuring and highly skilled at her job. Thank you Kathy for saving our relationship.

                 GM, Newbury
I was someone who wanted to work on myself and my inner confidence/inner critic but didn’t feel I had a serious problem to address so wondered if counselling would be the right fit. I eventually did a bit of research and approached Kathy and I am so happy I did! 

I felt comfortable with Kathy within my first session, and I credit this to Kathy’s warm, honest and articulate nature. I was genuinely impressed how Kathy could take my rambling thoughts and found a way to coherently say what I had struggled to communicate myself.

Kathy was able to help me pinpoint reasons for the way I am and made connections between parts of my life that I had never even thought of before. 

For me, hearing Kathy’s perspective was invaluable, but I also heard another perspective which I hadn’t contemplated in counselling. Saying my own thoughts out loud provided me with another perspective and interestingly, I quickly realised how I would give credit to a thought but would easily discredit that same thought out loud. 

I have spoken about counselling with a few of my friends and we recently concluded that everyone could benefit from counselling, even if just a session or two. I had 3 sessions and understand myself better, understanding why I am the way I am, whether that be in relationships, at work or my personality etc. 

If you’re thinking about it and not sure whether you need it, if you give it your all - I truly believe you’ll benefit, and Kathy is a brilliant person to do that journey with!"

C & H, Gloucester

“We were in a bad place in our relationship and we both wondered what had gone so wrong from our first 10 months together. Now we are a week away from our first child together and genuinely so happy. Kathy gave us a place to be heard and to understand our triggers. We both found her engaging and caring. Somehow it changed for us in a couple of sessions, and we’ve decided to check in with Kathy again when the times right. It was the best decision we’ve made. Thank you.”