Testimonials from clients

Gemma and Ivor, Newbury

"Thanks to Kathy we are now able to communicate better in our relationship and feel better equipped to enjoy what we have as a couple.  For the first time in years, we are looking ahead and planning our future together

Daniel, Berkshire

"I was in a toxic relationship which stripped me from my identity and felt totally removed from myself.  I found it difficult to believe in my ability to change and could only focus on my weaknesses.  Attending counselling has given me the strength to recognise I am in control of my destiny and can make the necessary changes that me me feel whole again"

Alex and Andrea, Winchester

"My partner and I came to counselling because our relationship was out of sync and felt like we had lost the spark.  Working with Kathy has helped us rekindle the passion and fun that we thought had gone.  It's like we've starting dating all over again"