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16/12/20 Enjoy yourself over Christmas but it's worth remembering how important it is to exercise.  Exercise boost physical and mental wellbeing and helps you live longer.  Scientists reckon being inactive is even more of a health risk than being overweight.

People who regularly complete physical activity have a 35% lower risk of heart disease and stroke and a higher percentage risk diabetes and bowel cancer.

Regular exercise provides a lower risk to osteoarthritis and hip fractures.

Regular exercise can make us feel good about ourselves, it actually boosts chemicals in the brain and helps raise self-esteem, sleep and concentration.

There is also strong evidence that exercise lowers the risk of depression and dementia.

So, enjoy your Christmas and New Year but consider the health benefits of working off that extra food and starting to feel better about your health and wellbeing, what better time to start than now!

30/11/20 I am pleased to become a new member of Andover Women in Business (AWIB).

“The Club has been formed so that members may meet with the object of uniting local business and professional women within the community and to provide support and encouragement wherever needed for working women.” 

Due to the Prime Minister's recent announcement on 31 October 2020, my counselling services will be via webcam and telephone only.  I will return face to face counselling at Kingsclere Village Club on 2nd December (subject to government guidelines).  To ensure the safety of my clients and self during these difficult times please ensure you read the guidelines. Click the pen for details. 

Codes of Practice and Membership of Professional Bodies
I am a member of the British Association of Counsellors & Psychotherapists, bound by their Ethical Framework of Practice and Disciplinary Code of Conduct which can be viewed by visiting

Member of the UK Association of Transactional Analysis.

Fitness and mental health

I've come across Lucy Wyndham-Read after trawling through YouTube looking for fitness regimes that looked appealing and routines that I could realistically fit in with my busy lifestyle.  I would like to share with you her workouts, suitable for all ages.  Her workouts are fun and achieve results.  Lucy has a huge following on Facebook and her mantra is to support good mental health and well-being.  Trial it and see what you think - here's a taster! 

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