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MOT Health Check


We regularly service our car to check that it's in working order, so why ignore good mental health? It seems most of us wait for the 'BIG BANG' to hit us like a ton of bricks before we take any notice. 


An informal mental health check can help prevent the stresses and strains of everyday life slowly but surely grinding us down. Perhaps you have a big event coming up like a wedding or job interview, and you've been feeling less confident about yourself or find that others are starting to irritate you more than usual. Still, you just can't put your finger on what's going on, and you don't know who to talk to? 


This kind of issue is where I can help you because, in addition to my regular appointments, I provide individuals and couples, in complete confidence, a mental health check on their well-being. You can talk openly about where you are, or how you feel about the health of self, partner, relationships or anything that is weighing you down.

​A one-off 50-minute MOT appointment can help reality-check situations of not being able to think straight or enjoy restful sleep. 


Whatever it is concerning you, being able to share openly with an empathetic and supportive person, can help break down mental blocks and barriers. The ability to have a clearer insight into your inner world to help you explore your fears, emotions and vulnerability in safety can nurture the body, mind and soul.


SO, why put off something so important as good mental health and well-being when you could be feeling much clearer about you and your life.

One-off MOT Cost - £45 for 50 minutes available online or telephone. 

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