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Kathy Stelfox Counselling

Registered BACP Accredited and Professional Counsellor of
individual and couples. 
Practices located inThatcham, Berkshire close to A4 and Shrewton practice serves Andover, Salisbury and the surrounding villages via Larkhill off A303.
Parking at both locations.
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Welcome to my site, stay a while, and acquaint yourself. Choosing the right counsellor is an important part of the process to help enhance the therapeutic relationship. 

So, what makes me different from any other counsellor you might ask yourself? In honesty, I do not think I am different; most people who choose this profession do so because they want to 'rescue' others — the old cliché of "wanting to help" springs to mind. In my case, it was a process of difficult childhood experiences that brought me to this career, and the desire to get underneath my problems and poor choices.  My thinking was, if I can understand what makes me feel like this, it will allow me to stop the feeling of simply existing. To give some context to what holds me back in life and I can be more of the person I want to see and feel, regardless of the past.


This approach to new beginnings enabled me to learn from my past to recognise my default of learned behaviour patterns that prevented me to live my life with a healthier outlook.


My mission of self-discovery brought me to the world of counselling. I feel it a privilege to be accepted into a stranger's world.  To support them on their journey with providing genuine empathy without judgments of my clients. 

Both my practices provide a secure place for clients to explore and confront their issues and the behaviours that hold us back – believe me, it is not always easy to tackle your inner critic.


Being fully committed to the counselling process can be powerful and inspiring; working towards change and moving from entrenched irrational and negative thinking to positivity helps to focus and reframe towards achieving our goals.

When you struggle to make sense of how you feel, it becomes increasingly difficult to express yourself. It can be overwhelming, and the confusion can prevent us from functioning well.  It is true to say, I have been there, done that and read loads of self-help books.  But nothing worked in the same way as openly talking to someone who ultimately 'gets me' and who has the tools and theory to help, walk alongside in times of need.

So, how do you know when counselling is working? We would have regular reviews to discuss the changes and adjustments made that help you to feel in control, less overwhelmed and more self-aware of what you need - it's then you are well on the way! 

If this is where you want to get to, and you are fed-up trying to make sense of anxiety, depression, relationship problems, or continuously making poor choices, then help and support from a professionally accredited and qualified counsellor can really help to guide you through.   


Contact Kathy in complete confidence at or 07730896759 for an assessment for us to meet and greet on making change happen.

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Areas of specialism:-

  • Understanding Anxiety & Depression

  • Long Covid

  • Bereavement including loss and complex grief

  • Trauma 

  • Neurodiversity: 
    - Autism spectrum (ASD) including     Asperger's Syndrome
    - AD(H)D

  • Personality Disorders using CBT

  • Attachment Styles

  • Couple & individual counselling

  • Emotional/Relationship Difficulties

  • Family Issues (not family counselling)

  • Divorce and Separation Issues

  • Individuals of Domestic Abuse

  • Solution Focused Therapy 

  • Low Self-Esteem/Confidence

  • Making positive choices

  • Communication Skills

  • Self-Discovery

  • Loneliness

  • Effective communication

  • Long-term and short-term counselling

  • Searching for Hope

  • Achieving and sustaining goals 

  • Future forward planning

  • Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) Counsellor - Affiliated with Health Assured 

Being fully alive to life is truly a heroic act. Many of us think heroism means rescuing people from burning buildings or being daring in wartime.

Instead, heroism is an everyday affair. For some of us, getting up in the morning and facing another day is a heroic act.

For others, changing jobs, losing jobs, or living with health problems, or staying in a relationship or managing on limited funds or facing the 

loss of a loved one is a heroic act. We have many opportunities to be heroes in our daily lives. The heroism of which I speak is the courage to be fully alive to life, regardless of our circumstances.

Judy Tatelbaum, American author/therapist

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